What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are simply young herbs and vegetables that are harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state – This is usually just after the cotyledon leaves have developed.

Health Benifits

Microgreens are packed with concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. For Example:

Radish microgreens contain 60x more anthocyanins than fully grown radish. This powerful anti oxidant is what gives food like radish and beetroot its red colour and is thought to fend off viral infections such as flu.

Broccoli microgreens contain 90x more sulforaphane than fully grown broccoli. This is the compund that gives broccoli its bitter flavour and is thought to be behind the vegetables reported health benifits.

Implementing microgreens into your diet will drastically boost the nutrient content of your meals, helping to improve overall health and invigorate meals.

A Versatile Ingredient

Microgreens enhance everything from salads and sandwiches, to stir fries, risottos and pastas - adding a unique depth and flavour to any meal.

We regularly supply exciting recipes ideas with your deliveries so you're sure to have fun experimenting.

Children also love them, making microgreens a great way to help provide a healthy, balanced & tasty diet.

We practice sustainable growing practices

Our hydroponic growing system requires 70% less water than traditional open field farming and because our crops are grown indoors there is no need for pesticides.

With our farms location in Kilnwick Percy and only delivering locally we're not only keeping our carbon footprint low, but also ensuring you're receiving the freshest produce possible.