Why Choose Short Stack farm?

Our focus is on being super fresh, convenient and of the highest quality. We take real pride and care in our produce. We've made a conscious choice to cut out wholesalers and sell direct to chefs to ensure quality and consistency.

Our Partners

We supply some of the most exciting and innovative restaurants in Yorkshire. We're on a mission to get chefs using microgreens as a substantial part of their dishes. We've made our pricing as competitive as possible to enable you to use more of our greens.

How It Works

We grow to order to cut down on waste and deliver to you within 24 hours of harvest to ensure you're receiving the freshest produce. Depending on the varieties ordered, it can take 2-4 weeks to begin regular weekly fulfilment. Although we are not currently organically certified, all our produce is grown using organic methods. Our packaging is derived from corn and is biodegradable.

See our Price list PDF here.

To Order:

You can submit your order requests by phone or by email and we will send you a monthly invoice to submit payment.

Call or text Ben on 07876106422

Email: ben@shortstackfarm.co.uk

Have a Special Request?

We're always experimenting growing new varieties of microgreens and microherbs. If there's a variety you'd like growing that isn't currently listed in our store, give us a ring or click the link below.